flexaport inserts for home toilets / universal inserts

flexaport inserts for home toilets / universal inserts

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flexaport - the separation toilet insert

Quick. Easy. Flexible.

The flexaport insert provides a very simple and favorable conversion of the existing camping, marine or home toilet into a separation toilet.

Scope of supply

  • flexaport insert (model, material and color can be selected)
  • container (the size and color of the container depend on the dimensions of the toilet):
  • bags (quantity and thickness can be selected)


Since in ceramic toilets thers is usually no posibbility to install a flat flexaport insert, there are mounted 3 or 4 brackets which are positioned at the top edge of the toilet bowl.

Nano adhesive strips are attached to the rear of the brackets: after removing the protective film, the flexaport insert can be fixed to prevent from slipping. If the nano adhesive strip is dirty, it can easily be cleaned with water.

Which flexaport model fits in my toilet?

Most crucial are the shape, width and depth of the toilet bowl.

Procedure for selection

  1. The Toilet shape and inner width (clear width) of the toilet bowl decide on the choice of the “ring”.
    It is best to fold up the toilet seat to measure the inner width.
  2. The depth of the toilet bowl determines the optimal bracket (and therefore at what height the container is located in the toilet without touching the toilet).
    To measure the depth, it is best to place a slat/board across the toilet bowl (=ceramic, not the seat). Then measure the depth at 2 positions: at approx. 5 cm and 15 cm from the inner rear edge --> the smaller value of the both depth measurements is needed to determine the optimal bracket (see picture: Meassurement ot the depth).

Special features and differnces to other inserts

The offered flexaport inserts are able to convert a large range of toilets or other shapes into separation toilets. During development, however, we repeatedly came across special shapes and dimensions for which we produced rings and brackets in small series, but which cannot be offered in the online shop due to their many variations. If you are not sure which insert suits best for your toilet, you are welcome to contact us using the contact form - we will then jointly find the optimal combination.


"Maxi" dog waste bags

These bags are blocked and have pin holes (can be hung on a hook) .

Attention: the "normal" dog waste bags (such as in the public dispensers) are too small for the flexaport containers.

Depending on availability, the bags are either completely black or with imprint:

  • Standard: functional / as little plastic as possible / almost opaque
    • Thickness: 13 my
    • Weight per bag: 1.8 g
  • Recycling: opaque / made from 100% regenerated
    • Thickness: 20 my li>
    • Weight per bag: 2.7 g
  • extra strong: opaque / cable ties are included for secure closure
    • Thickness: 35 my
    • Weight per bag: 5.0 g

Odor-proof bags

The odor-proof bags consist of a technically complex, multi-layer barrier film and can be sealed with a small rechargeable foil sealing device . This makes it possible to store the filled bags for several days without any smell. Due to the odor-proof material these bags cannot get knotted.

The odor-proof bags can either be inserted individually into the container or used as a collecting bag for several thin bags.

The odor-proof bags are also available in a Set with the foil sealing device.

*The indicated surcharges may vary slightly abroad for tax reasons.