Separation toilet sets

Separation toilet sets

from 73.80 €


Below separation toilets sets provide a mobile separation toilet which already includes the respective flexaport insert.

If you already have a toilet, you will find the right flexaport insert here.

Scope of supply

  • cassette toilet (modell can be selected)
  • flexaport insert (material and color can be selected)
  • Separation toilet: BranQ-15l-bucket toilet with flexaport insertgrau (PVC)
  • container (the size and color of the container depend on the model of the toilet and cannot be changed)
  • 174
  • bags (quantity and thickness can be selected)100 (Recycling, 20 my)

We offer the following separation toilet sets

Dimensions, capacity and other details can be found in the product data sheet.

  • Thetford (the classic)
    • Porta Potti 335: (smallest cassette toilet - perfect in a van)
    • Porta Potti 145 / 345 (top price/performance ratio; medium size; with bellow / piston pump)
    • Porta Potti 165 / 365 (good seat heigth and large tank; with bellow / piston pump)
    • Porta Potti 565P / 565E (optimal seat heigth and huge tank; "E" = electric pump)
  • Fiamma
    • Bi-Pot 30 (lowest cassette toilet - perfect in a van)
    • Bi-Pot 34
    • Bi-Pot 39 (good seat heigth and hugh tank)
  • Fritz Berger
    • mobil WC comfort (favorable price and quite small cassette toilet)
    • mobil WC deluxe (top price/performance ratio; medium seat height with very large tank)
    • mobil WC supreme (optimal seat heigth and huge tank)
  • BranQ
    • Bucket toilet (15,5 liter) (simplest and multifunctional toilet)
    • Bucket toilet (20 liter)

Material of the ring

In addition to PVC, some rings are also offered in acrylic:

  • PVC: The standard inserts are made of PVC.
  • Acryl: The acrylic inserts are very hard and therefore resistant to scratches. The frosted surface looks great - no more water marks are visible.


"Maxi" dog waste bags

These bags are blocked and have pin holes (can be hung on a hook) .

Attention: the "normal" dog waste bags (such as in the public dispensers) are too small for the flexaport containers.

Depending on availability, the bags are either completely black or with imprint:

  • Standard: functional / as little plastic as possible / almost opaque
    • Thickness: 13 my
    • Weight per bag: 1.8 g
  • Recycling: opaque / made from 100% regenerated
    • Thickness: 20 my li>
    • Weight per bag: 2.7 g
  • extra strong: opaque / cable ties are included for secure closure
    • Thickness: 35 my
    • Weight per bag: 5.0 g

Odor-proof bags

The odor-proof bags consist of a technically complex, multi-layer barrier film and can be sealed with a small rechargeable foil sealing device . This makes it possible to store the filled bags for several days without any smell. Due to the odor-proof material these bags cannot get knotted.

The odor-proof bags can either be inserted individually into the container or used as a collecting bag for several thin bags.

The odor-proof bags are also available in a Set with the foil sealing device.

*The indicated surcharges may vary slightly abroad for tax reasons.