The separating toilet insert for camping, yacht and home toilets.

Quick. Easy. Flexible.

toilet with flexaport inserted


The flexaport insert provides a very easy and cheap conversion from an existing (chemical) toilet to a separation toilet:

  • no time-consuming and expensive modifications
  • no smell from the tank
  • no water needed
  • no chemicals necessary
  • clean and easy disposal
  • longer independence.

The flexaport insert can be removed at any time and thus resets to the original system.


Place the flexaport insert on the flushing rim with the toilet seat open and fit the container with inlaying bag into the insert - Ready!

The urine flows underneath the container into the cassette - therefore the cover of the tank must be opened slightly. By using Solbio- /citric acid spray or standard flushing, the remaining urine is flushed into the cassette.

Due to anatomy, women cannot pee easily into the front area and need some practice (a few drops in the bag do not bother - tip: slide a little forward to pee). Alternatively, the container can be removed shortly.

The cassette is very easy to drain due to the pure liquid content, as it can be disposed into any toilet or (diluted with water) in the countryside (as fertilizer) - of course, not close to water or natural reserves. This should be done every 2-3 days.

The tied bag is disposed in the residual waste. Toilet paper is disposed either in the bag or collected separately.

The flexaport inserts are available for the following toilets.

To find outthe model of your own toilet, please refer to the FAQ.

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Included in delivery

flexaport insert (model, material and color can be selected)

+ container (the size and color depend on the model)

+ fitting bags (quantity and thickness can be selected)

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