BUNDLE: container white/transparent (0,8 liter / PP) + lid

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There are 3 different containers for the flexaport inserts


  • Color: black
  • Volume: 1,15 Liter
  • Height: 9,3 cm
  • Diameter (top): 15,4 cm
  • Material: sturdy polypropylen
  • There is no lid for this container (the white/transparent container with lid fits into this black container)

This container was manufactured for the current flexaport models. When using the U-profile, it can be used on previous models for the following series: Thetford C220, Fritz Berger Supreme, BranQ

black rubber-container

  • Color: anthracite
  • Volume: 1,15 Liter
  • Height: 11,3 cm
  • Diameter (top): 15,8 cm (tapered downwards)
  • Material: flexible EPDM (rubber)
  • There is no lid for this container.

This rubber container is part of the following phased-out models: Thetford C220, Fritz Berger Supreme, BranQ

white / transparent container

The white / transparent (smaller) container is part of many phased-out models.

The container can be optimally stored in the new black container (e.g. as an airtight interim storage for filled bags).

  • Color: white/transparent
  • Volume: approx. 0,8 Liter
  • Height: 8,2 cm
  • Diameter (top): 14,4 cm
  • Material: sturdy polypropylen
  • A lid is available as an accessory for this container

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BUNDLE: container white/transparent WITH lid (0,8 liter / PP) - 4,90 EUR